Phyllis Berkheimer, LPTA

Phyllis Berkheimer was born and raised in South Florida by her father along with a twin sister and three older brothers. She was raised with a very close family full of Aunts, Uncles and cousins, who instilled the importance of recognizing relationships of quality and helping others along the way. Phyl ( one of many nicknames ) has a full life including outdoor activities, cheering on her favorite football team (The Steelers), kickboxing and working out in the gym.
>>> Originally headed for Nursing School, she detoured off into Physical Therapy instead, citing the immediate results in realizing patient care and bonding with her many clients. She has a folder full of thank you letters and recommendations from patients whose lives she has greatly improved. She has been involved with MDR for a year now and has enjoyed becoming part of the team and building an amazing bond and relationship with all of her co workers here in Lighthouse Point. Phyllis has been in outpatient therapy for over twelve years and still loves it as much as the first day on the job. She is looking forward to many years with this company.

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