Lupe Yarborough, COTA, Hand Specialist

Lupe Yarborough graduated from Keiser University where she received an Associates of Science in Occupation Therapy Assistant.From day one of her Occupational Therapy journey she knew she wanted to help people develop, recover, improve and maintain the skills required for daily living.

Since graduating in 2016 she has been under the mentorship of two certified hand therapists whom she continues to admire. Lupe has experience in pediatrics, and geriatrics. Her passion since school is orthopedics and she submerged herself in direct practice in hand therapy.

Lupe is attending graduate school in January 2020 to work towards her Masters in Occupational Therapy followed by studying toward her hand therapy certification. When she's not assisting her patients "Overcome This" she is traveling with her husband and snuggling with her Furbaby.

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